Reduce your business cost


Virtuo Complete package is for those who would like to fully dedicate to their business and helps perform activities with maximum efficiency.

Regardless whether you do field work, perform you duties from home or you work as a representative of foreign-owned company that wishes to establish a representative office in Banja Luka, this package enables you maximum flexibility in performing all of your business activities with minimum costs.

Virtuo Complete package offers you to register your business at our address, the service of receiving mail and phone calls on your behalf, and space to hold business meetings.

Virtuo COMPLETE package offers the following services:

Address at which you can register your company

Conference room for you meetings with clients

Services of receiving your calls

Scanning and forwarding mail

Unique mailbox

Sending notifications regarding your received mail via SMS

Forwarding you letters and other packages to desired address.



You wish to register your company, but you are not certain which legal status suits you best and how to reigster it. Make an appointment for free counselling and get all the information you need.

As your clients, we are very pleased with the level of quality of your services. Your client relationship has been nothing but professional and forthcoming, accompanied with prompt execution of the promised services. Keep up the good work and your business is bound to flourish.

Drago Šarkanović

Deputy Director, PRO-ING d.o.o.