Virtuo Complete

Virtuo Complete

If you wish to fully dedicate to your work and maximize your business efficiency, Virtuo Complete package is the right choice for you. It doesn’t matter if you do your business outside the office, from home or you are a representative of a foreign-owned company that wants to have an office in Banja Luka.

This package gives you the opportunity of registering your business at our postal address, receipt of mail and phone calls on your behalf, as well as space to hold your business meetings. Virtuo Complete provides maximal flexibility in all business activities and at extremely low costs.

We offer the following services:

  • The address where the company will be registered
  • Company personal postbox (letters, packages, emails)
  • Receipt of calls and their forwarding to clients
  • Scanning of received mail and faxes and their forwarding to client’s account at the moment of receipt
  • Sending notifications on received mail via email and/or SMS*
  • Forwarding letters and packages to a specified address, as directed by client*
  • Unique profile and email address at the domain
  • Conference room for meetings with other clients
  • Procurator*

Company’s address

Virtuo Complete gives you the opportunity to establish your company at a minimal cost at our postal address in Banja Luka. Thus, you will avoid paying high overhead costs of renting your own office space.

Mail and fax

You will receive a mailbox for your company and therefore the chance to receive mail at our postal address. Received mail is immediately forwarded to you for review. The mail in your name, is scanned and uploaded upon receipt to your unique profile and sent to your email address. We can also send you a notification on received mail via SMS*, and forward the received packages to your home or any other address*.

In addition to standard mail, Virtuo Complete offers you the opportunity to send and receive faxes that are also, immediately upon receipt, forwarded to you for review in the abovementioned manner.

Receiving calls

This package offers administrative services. Our operators receive phone calls on your behalf, note down messages and forward them to you via your profile and email. At your request, the calls can be redirected to the number of your choosing.

Unique profile and email address

By opting for this package, you will receive a unique email address at the domain. This will give you access to your profile where you can have a clear overview of all your business activities. In addition, this address adds an air of formality and professionalism to your business.

Conference room

If you need a place to hold a meeting with your business clients, all you have to do is book a time slot for our conference room. Virtuo Complete package gives you the opportunity to use our conference room that seats eight people and has internet access. Once you confirm that the conference room is available at the required time, all you need to do is inform your business clients about the meeting.


If you work from abroad and you wish to be represented in Bosnia and Herzegovina by professionals who will conduct your business according to the powers you vest in them, we can make that happen (this service is charged separately).

*Services are charged separately according to the price list.

Overview of package services:

Virtuo Complete 299 KM/mj
Prestigious location 1 mailbox
Forwarding mail to client’s email and profile Max. 60
Forwarding of fax messages Max. 60 faxes
Taking your calls for you Max. 60 minutes
Email address at the domain Up to 3 email addresses
Conference room Max. 240 minutes
Forwarding mail to client’s email and profile after the value of the package has expired 0,5 KM per package + shipment
Forwarding mail after the value of the package has expired 1 KM per package + shipment
Forwarding fax messages after the value of the package has expired 0,5 KM per fax
Taking your calls after the value of the package has expired 0,5 KM per minute
Conference room after the value of the package has expired 19 KM per hour

If you have additional questions about Virtuo services, please feel free to contact us via the “Send Request” option or at our email We will be happy to answer all of your questions and do everything in our power to facilitate your business needs and make sure that all your wishes are met.

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